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Moving to new lj under a new user name!
You can find me here - http://tracy-starcat.livejournal.com/

Friends Only Banners

My fist try at Friends Only Banners! If you use them I only ask for credit. Thanks!
Click on image to see real size!

11 more here!


39 Fairy Icons

Tonight I'm posting icons or fairy's made with art by Patricia Hedegaard.

More here!

Full Size Vintage Vogue Covers!

I really liked the art work that I used for my last post.
So here are some of the vintage Vogue magazine art covers in there

I simply LOVE these! .........Click on image to see at full size!

1 2
3 4
5 6

7 8  
9 10

No infringement intended, all images used in fun and not profit!

44 Retro Vogue Covers

Today I am posting icons made with the art of early Vogue magazine covers.

More at blue_cat_icons)

68 Cat and Dog Icons!

Today I 'm posting icons made with the art of Makoto Muramat!
The animated icons were modified from .gif images I found on the net.
They now fit the LJ format.

More Makato Icons at my LJ page! )

If you take an icon please credit [info]blue_cat_icons!
No infringement intended, all images used in fun and not profit!

63 Pinup icons!

Today my icon post is Pinups with the lovely art of Jennifer Jenesko!

More Here at [info]blue_cat_icons!

55 Valentines Day icons!

Here are some Valentines Day icons I whipped up!
All images found with yahoo and Ixquick searches.


More Here at my community

40 Jamie Edwards cat icons! Part 2.

Tonight I am posting part 2 of cat icons with art by Jamie Edwards!

More Here! at

45 cat icons!

A while back a saw some adorable icons of this kitten named Chi.
They were made by  lj user vivmuffin.
It's from a show in Japan called Chi's Sweet Home.
He was so cute I had to make some of my own.
More at my icon commuinty.